Holding a Winbox agent account will take more advantages and benefits. Agents will get rebate according the “Return Commission List” from all the player who registered under his line. System will automatically transfer the rewards to Winbox agents punctually every day.

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Winbox agent赢宝代理返水列表

What Is The Benefit

“By becoming our member, you’ll enjoy a permanent 0.2% commission from all lower-level players.

No need to assist customers with top-ups; our all-in-one Auto system manages top-ups and withdrawals seamlessly at Winbox.

Our team ensures your daily earnings.

Start profiting without the need for initial capital.

It’s an easy and straightforward method to make money.

Contact us to learn more about becoming an Agent/Member.”

The Advantages and Uses of Online Casino Agents

The online casino industry is experiencing rapid growth, attracting a rising number of participants. If you’re contemplating joining but feel unsure about the process, WINBOX agent can offer valuable

Advantages and Uses

“Having agents by your side is invaluable when exploring new online casino sites offering better bonuses or games than your current platform.

Agents ensure a smooth transition to sites like Winbox Online Casino Malaysia, guiding you through any complexities and swiftly resolving issues that may arise during your gaming experience elsewhere.

Online casino agents, like WinboxGG agents, simplify tasks like deposits and withdrawals on your behalf. If a player seeks to withdraw funds, the agent ensures timely payments while maintaining strict confidentiality of personal information.

This meticulous handling of transactions ensures a hassle-free experience, especially during significant payouts. Agents, handling deposit requests as well, provide comprehensive support, alleviating concerns and ensuring a seamless gaming journey.”

Here is How the Commission is Computed.

When Winbox players generate a turnover of RM100,000 within a 24-hour period (from 12 PM to 12 PM), rewards are distributed as follows:

Super Players receive: 0.3% of turnover = RM300

Members receive: 0.2% of turnover = RM200